Susan Davis

S. T. Davis is the author/illustrator of two middle-grade novels about the American Revolution. Her first book, Musket and Mobcap, takes place in the Hudson Valley.  The protagonist, Sybil Ludington, was one of the many female heroines of the American Revolution. Known for her famous ride to muster her father’s militia troops to save Danbury, she struggles with the daily tasks of helping raise her brothers and sisters, tangles with thieves, and meets a spy. The story drops the reader into her life as it might have been during this tumultuous time in our history.
Her second book, Summer of Red Rain, set in the region around Fort Stanwix in Rome, New York captures a different prospective on the American Revolution. The story revolves around a thirteen-year-old fictional protagonist, who finds himself caught up in the Battle of Oriskany and the events surrounding the impending siege of Fort Stanwix during the summer of 1777.  The reality of war erases Samuel’s imaginary boyhood dreams of glory when he feels the fatigue of the march and sees the horrors of battle. Witnessing the turbulent events of battle, changes Samuel.  What will he do when he comes face to face with a young Indian warrior?

S. T. Davis lives in the Hudson Valley.  She spends her time volunteering at the local hospital and at her grandchildren’s school.  In the summer, she gives historical tours at the Van Wyck Homestead and Museum in Fishkill, NY.  Her hobbies are sewing, scrap booking, learning Italian, traveling, and piano.  Of course she spends much of her time writing and painting.


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